• Durango Transitional Learning Center

    3131 W. Durango St

    Phoenix, AZ 85009

    Phone: 602.452.4700 (option 5) Fax:602.506.4100

    Instructional Leader: Irina Lutz


    Maricopa County Regional School District is an accommodation school district for approximately 2,500 students in transition throughout the year. As students enter the system, they work with district faculty to develop an individualized Education and Career Action Plan which will include their current coursework plan, career aspirations and several extended learning opportunities for development of individual academic and career goals. The district offers different tracks based on the student’s ECAP. Those tracks are:

    • GED

    • Credit Recovery

    • Skills Enhancement

    In addition, the district has strengthened and increased community partnerships to enhance existing programs and the availability of positive options for its students. These partner organizations efforts augment the existing programs that Maricopa County Regional School District offers.